Technical Skills

Platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, Android
Languages: C#, C/C++
APIs: Unity, OpenGL, ASP.Net
Software: Visual Studio, Unity 3D, Xamarin Studio

Work Experience

Rdio, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Senior Android Engineer 3/14 – 3/15
  • Worked on the Android app for a music streaming service
  • Used Xamarin to maintain a cross-platform code base, between iOS and Android
  • Worked with designers to implement new features.
  • Notable features I worked on: Trending, album comment threads, and catalog page revamp
Fun+ Games San Francisco, CA
Senior 3D Engineer 12/13 – 3/14
  • Worked on strategy game in Unity
  • Implemented chat feature: UI created with NGUI and networking using PubNub
  • Worked on social features, such as push notifications to alliance members for troop movements in a shared world map
PureDepth, Inc. San Jose, CA
Senior Software Engineer 07/13 – 10/13
  • Maintain MultiLayer Display (MLD) SDK for Unity used to develop games in the casino market.
  • Port SDK to Unity 4.2. Previous code base depended on customized Unity 3.5
  • Implement editor scripts for Unity 4.2 to mimic behavior of customized Unity 3.5
  • Using profiler in Unity, I find the bottlenecks and optimize the SDK, including GLSL shaders and C# scripts.
  • Worked with third party studios to incorporate SDK into their casino games.
    • This also included teaching them dos and don’ts for performance and visual quality.
GREE International, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer 09/11 – 05/13
  • Lead engineer on a Unity 3D project for iOS named Alien Family
  • Implemented dynamic sprite atlasing functionality for Unity, in order to reduce the memory footprint for Alien Family
  • Optimized performance in Alien Family by improving batch rendering of objects and using the Occlusion Culling feature within Unity
  • Implemented gameplay features and refactored most of the UI in Alien Family
  • Prototyped several game ideas using Unity, in order to determine if the design was fun or feasible.
  • Worked towards porting Book of Ashes (an HTML5 game on iOS) to Android
  • Optimized Book of Ashes to improve performance and memory usage
Trax USA Miami, FL
Junior Interface Programmer 02/11 – 09/11
  • Created new or modify existing interfaces in PL/SQL
  • Modified existing Java web services in Eclipse
School Zone Publishing Grand Haven, MI
Generalist Programmer 06/02 – 11/10
  • Created new games for PC, Mac, and iPhone using Unity 3D
  • Maintained existing in-house cross-platform code base
  • Updated gameplay mechanics to engage and entertain kids


Full Sail University Winter Park, FL
Bachelor of Science in Game Development November 2007


Recent Side Projects


This is a game I worked on for the 2014 Global Game Jam. My contribution was as the lead programmer. I worked with 6 fellow jammers to create the game within 48 hours.

Aurora Spline

This tool was written in C# to easily create splines within Unity. It currently supports Catmull-Rom and Cardinal Splines. It includes a set of inspector scripts to help manipulate the splines. It is currently available on the Unity Asset Store.

Additional Information

  • GDC Conference Associate since 2007
  • Fluent in English and Spanish, but can also speak a little French and Japanese
  • Good public speaker
    • Presented a postmortem at Unite 2012
    • Gave multiple internal presentations to coworkers, teaching how to build games in Unity

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