A new year brings back old goals and some new ones

Happy New Year!

It’s now 2016, which means everyone has new resolutions or they’re reaffirming old ones. I don’t normally do the resolution thing, but I think everyone should have goals to strive for. In the past, I’ve had the goal of regularly blogging. Unfortunately, life kept getting in the way; or better said, I kept blaming life for getting in the way. BUT NO LONGER!

So here’s my list of 2016 goals!

Get more involved in the development community

Obviously, open source has been a thing for a long time. It has influenced a lot of people and software. I know I’ve benefited from the open source materials available to the Unity community. I’ve been using WordPress to power my website for a long time. I’ve been doing more and more Android development. So on and so forth. Basically, I’ve become more conscious of how much the Open Source has affected my life, and I think it’s time I contributed back to the developers community.

This year, I plan to work on projects that will be open source so anyone can benefit from my experience or knowledge. I will be blogging about those projects or just random dev topics that might come up. Since my passion lies in game development, I’m sure that most of my posts will be game dev related. But since I also enjoy using Xamarin, I’m sure there’ll be a smattering of that thrown in there.

Make stuff

I’ve been itching to make stuff. I’ve been eyeing the Raspberry Pi 2 since it was released. The fact that it can run a subset of Windows 10 and I can C# apps on it, means I can leverage my current C# knowledge without having to go through Mono to get things working.

Also, I’ve been getting really into DIY videos on YouTube. So, I’ve been wanting to do some of that, too. Better yet, I want to mix the stuff from DIY videos and some Raspberry Pi projects. I already have some ideas of stuff to make. As long as I do a few projects, I’ll consider this goal complete.

Also, I want to build an R2 unit for my wife, but don’t tell her.

Make YouTube videos

So going along with the previous two goals, I plan to make a YouTube channel and post videos. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. In fact, at one point, I actually recorded the content for a C# tutorial series, but hated the quality of the audio. So this goal will start once I buy the equipment that’ll satisfy the “audiophile” in me.

This YouTube channel will have videos that teach various things, such as C# for non-programmers/absolute beginners, Unity/Xamarin/MonoGame/ASP.Net development, etc. If I get good enough with the DIY stuff, there might be some of that in there, too.

Go to the gym – because it’s on everyone’s list